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[Tiffin, Ohio – Aug. 29, 2023] - Spoke Life Cycles is poised to breathe fresh energy into Seneca County’s cycling landscape as it prepares to open its latest store at 70 E. Market St., nestled within the historic Laird Building adjacent to Jolly's. Founded by Brian Schroyer and Rob Golden, this establishment ushers in a new era of cycling for the area.

Seneca County's growth and development were a driving force for Golden in the decision to locate here. Golden said he believes Tiffin is a great market for the shop and he can’t wait to offer new and exciting resources and services for cyclists of all levels. Golden said he hopes to open the store by early Fall.

Boasting a carefully curated selection of esteemed brands including Cannondale, Specialized, Giant and electric bikes from Denago, Biria and Aventon. Other brands include GT Pivot, Santa Cruz, Salsa, TerraTrike and Trident Trike. Spoke Life Cycles positions itself as a sanctuary for cycling enthusiasts spanning various disciplines. Beyond being a retail hub, the store embodies the founders' shared passion, fostering a cycling community and camaraderie between those who love the sport.

Alongside its curated offerings, the new Spoke Life Cycles store is to house a comprehensive service department. Equipped to handle maintenance and repairs for an array of bike brands, this service element solidifies cyclists' trust in their gear and fosters a supportive cycling ecosystem.

Taking the reins as the store manager in Tiffin is Mitchell Stearns, a seasoned cycling enthusiast with decades of experience repairing a diverse array of bikes. His journey began as a teenager, teaching himself how to repair and tune up bikes so he could afford his own. Stearns, who has been servicing bikes for locals over the years, is thrilled to lead the new store and continue his passion for cycling within the Tiffin community.

Shuff Consulting played a role in helping the store find a home in Seneca County and in connecting Spoke Life Cycles with Stearns. Tyler Shuff, of Shuff Consulting, said he spent about three years working with the company, scouting about a dozen different spaces before discovering the perfect location. Recognizing the need for someone Golden could trust to manage the store, Shuff helped to identify Stearns as an experienced and passionate candidate, facilitating the connection between the two.

"It's crucial to have a bike shop in Seneca County," Shuff said. "Cycling isn't just a sport; it's a lifestyle that promotes health, connectivity and a sense of community. Spoke Life Cycles' presence will undoubtedly give a spark to our community's cycling culture and the local economy.”

Golden said the shop also will pay homage to the late Mark “Bunky” Roehrig,  who has worked alongside some of Spoke Life’s employees in the Fremont area. Roehrig, a staple in the local cycling community, owned Bunky’s Bicycle Shop until June 2017.

Standing within the iconic Laird Building, the store seamlessly aligns with Tiffin's downtown revitalization, adding a unique offering to a constantly improving community.

With this launch, Spoke Life Cycles now proudly boasts five stores, each a pillar within its community. Joining the ranks of existing stores in Perrysburg, Sylvania, Fremont and Elmore, the Tiffin store encapsulates the brand's commitment to creating vibrant cycling communities across Ohio.

"The growth in Tiffin and Seneca County echoes our own journey as a brand. We're excited to join this community, reinvigorating cycling and providing exciting new services and products,” Golden said. “Our newest store represents a shared passion and commitment to cycling excellence, bridging past and future."

Shuff, Golden and Stearns each said they can’t wait to open the store this Fall.

"Seneca County has been eagerly awaiting a dedicated bike shop, and Spoke Life Cycles' entry couldn't be more timely,” he said. “Cycling brings people together, promotes a healthier lifestyle and contributes to the local economy – all factors that make this a huge win for our community."

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About Spoke Life Cycles:

Founded by Brian Schroyer and Rob Golden, Spoke Life Cycles aims to nurture vibrant cycling communities across Ohio. The brand's curated selection of top-tier brands and a comprehensive service department stands testament to its dedication to fostering a cycling haven where enthusiasts gather, connect and share their love for the sport. Joining the ranks of existing stores in Perrysburg, Sylvania, Fremont and Elmore, the Tiffin store encapsulates the brand's commitment to creating thriving cycling communities across Ohio. Learn more on the company’s website: https://www.spokelifecycles.com/

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