Facade Enhancement Grant

Building owners may choose to participate in the downtown Facade Enhancement Program where the City will reimburse an owner for 50% of qualified expenses incurred in restoring or improving the front façade or roof of their building, up to a maximum match of $10,000. The process is relatively simple and requires the approval of the Architectural Board of Review (ABR).  Approval must take place prior to beginning the project to be eligible for the funds, which are available on a first come first serve basis.

The Façade Enhancement Program, funded by the City of Tiffin, will potentially continue annually with the approval of the City budget.  If you are interested in additional information about the program, please go to tiffinohio.gov/ABR.  It will link you to a step-by-step guide to the process.  

Please note that the ABR must approve any exterior work being done within the Historic District, including signage, even if the owner is not applying for a Façade Enhancement Grant.

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The downtown buildings are also within a Community Reinvestment Area district which was recently expanded to encompass a larger area.  The CRA is available to downtown building owners that are making a significant improvement on the exterior of their building.  It will hold property taxes at the pre-improvement level for up to 12 years following a downtown renovation on a mixed use or commercial building.  It is also available for new construction within the downtown up to 15 years and is available to residential buildings for up to 10 years.  We must be contacted prior to the beginning of the project to get the proper paperwork in place.

Historic Tax Credits

Downtown Tiffin has a unique collection of historic buildings, which is a rare find and we are working to preserve those buildings.  We are fortunate to be listed on the National Register with two different historic districts, which provides an opportunity for building owners with one of the districts, to apply for both state and federal tax credits for building renovations. The Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program provides a tax credit in order to leverage the private redevelopment of historic buildings. The program is highly competitive and provides a tax credit up to 35% on qualified rehabilitation.  Once the state tax credit is approved, the owner becomes eligible for a 20% federal tax credit.  Additional information on this program can be found at Ohio.gov and search “Historic Tax Credits.”

Architectural Board of Review

The Architectural Board of Review is a seven-member panel appointed by the Mayor to determine the appropriateness of any alternations to changes to structures in the Downtown Design Review District, including the Downtown Historic District recorded by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

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workforce incentives

Are you a business that is thinking about hiring more workers? That needs more workers? That has workforce challenges? That needs to train its workforce? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there is likely one or more resources TSEP has that can help!

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