WHY be Involved

  • Contributing to the success of Downtown and its revitalization. It takes everyone, every business, to make downtown a destination
  • Thriving Downtown means more people and potential customers
  • Marketing of your business through TSEP channels
  • Assistance with project and new business Press Releases and disbursement of releases to over 70 media outlets
  • Business collaborations and relationship building

HOW to be Involved

  • Participate in  “Third Thursdays" by creating a special for the month and sharing it on the event discussion page.
  • Follow Downtown Tiffin social media pages: 

    Facebook:  @DowntownTiffinOh Instagram: @tiffindowntown Twitter:  @DowntownTiffin TikTok:  @downtowntiffin Linked In:  TSEP YouTube:  @DowntownTiffin

  • Share Downtown Tiffin social media posts on your business pages to encourage cross-promotion of events and specials Facebook: @DowntownTiffinOh Instagram: @tiffindowntown 
  • Like and comment on other Downtown businesses specials
  • Partner with other downtown business's - special events, gift baskets, specials
  • Create your buzz and let us know (new products, events, donations).  Facebook: @DowntownTiffinOh Instagram: @tiffindowntown 
  • Join the Merchants Facebook Group (private): https://www.facebook.com/groups/838952793909697
  • Attend the Downtown Tiffin Merchant’s Committee meetings or one of the Main Street Committees revitalizing downtown and its continued growth (Design, Marketing, Business Enhancement)
  • Read the Downtown Digest - the monthly e-newsletter with updates, programs and incentives for businesses, announcements, and other downtown facts. To subscribe, email gross@tiffinseneca.org

BENEFITS of being Involved

  • Community and collaboration
  • Participating in downtown events creates better business opportunities
  • The Downtown Tiffin Main Street Manager (Donna Gross) is your go-to contact that will help you navigate anything from zoning, permits, signage, codes, etc. 
    • Guidance through projects - renovation, expansion, hiring, training, business planning, proformas, local Architectural Board of Review approvals for signage and any exterior work on downtown buildings.
    • Information about incentives - facade and sign grant programs, CRA, loan assistance, and more (see next tab for more details).
  • Radio, video, and social media promotion of downtown 
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